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Please make sure to include your color choices in the special instructions field at check out! We recommend solid/shimmer colors for beginners since glitters can be more tricky to work with. If your order is submitted without color choices, we will choose for you!

Our dip powder nail kit includes everything you need to get gorgeous, salon quality dip nails at home!

Kit includes
-Dip liquids and instructions
-1 jar of clear (0.7 oz)
-2 jars of color (0.25 oz each, you choose your colors)
-2 buffer blocks (medium and fine grits)
-2 mini nail files
-1 cuticle tool
-3 plastic orange sticks (good for cuticle clean up while dipping)
-1 nail brush (for removing excess powder between dips)

See below for dip liquid instructions! Still need help? Join our Facebook group for mani photos, tips and tricks, and a helpful community of nail lovers!

Instructions for use:

-Wash hands, cut nails, and file to the desired shape.
-Push back cuticles and buff nail surface to remove shine.
-Remove all dust from the nail.
-Apply Primer (optional).
-Working one finger at a time, apply a thin layer of Base Coat and then dip your finger into the powder. You can use an orange stick to clean up along the cuticle line while the Base Coat is still wet. (We recommend starting in the middle of the nail and slowly pushing the brush back towards the cuticles to help prevent flooding the cuticle.)
-Let dry, then dust excess powder off of each nail with a brush.
-Repeat steps 5 and 6 two more times on each nail.
-Apply one more layer of Base Coat over the whole nail and dip into clear, this will protect your manicure as you buff and file.
-Apply Activator generously to each nail and allow to dry for 2-3 minutes.
-Gently buff, file, and shape nail. If comfortable, you can use an electric file to smooth along the cuticle line to ensure neat nails as they grow out.
-Rinse hands with water and let dry.
-Apply another coat of Activator. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes, then apply first coat of Top Coat. (Wipe the brush off on a paper towel each time before putting it back into the bottle).
-When the first coat of Top Coat begins to look textured, apply your second coat, again wiping the brush off each time before putting it back into the bottle.
-Wait 5 minutes for Top Coat to fully dry, then moisturize cuticles and hands.

***Nail tool colors may vary!

Per postal service rules, dip liquids must be shipped with ground shipping which adds a few days to the shipping time.