Magenta Pink Mirror Chrome Nail Pigment Powder

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Add a little flair to your mani with our mirror chrome pigments. Apply to your whole nail or to select spots to customize your mani.

Please be aware that these are not dip powders, they are chromable pigments that need UV/LED gel base and top coat to be applied. You will receive a small jar with pressed mirror chrome pigment. A little goes a LONG way! See below for application instructions.

1. Dip your nails as normal, shape, file, and buff.
2. Apply a layer of gel base coat and cure according to product instructions.
3. Apply a layer of gel top coat and flash cure. (Flash cure time will depend on the wattage of your lamp. Usually it is about 5-10 seconds. I recommend practicing on swatches first to figure out what works best for you. Your top coat should stay put but still be slightly tacky.)
4. Use the sponge applicator to lightly brush pigment over the whole nail. You might need to dip back into the pigment a couple times so the applicator doesn’t try to stick to the top coat.
5. Using firm but gentle pressure, rub the applicator back and forth over the surface of the nail for several seconds. I like to dip the applicator back into the powder once more and rub it over the nail to make sure I have a flawless finish.
6. Cure for 60 seconds to finish curing the flash cured gel.
7. Apply another layer of gel top coat and cure according to product instructions.