Mini Glow Dip Powder Kit- Make Any Dip Powder Glow

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****This is not dip powder! This is only the glow additive to make any dip powder glow.

Do you love glow in the dark dip powders? This kit will allow you to make any dip powder into a glow dip!

Kit includes:
-3 colors of glow additive in different colors
-2 0.25oz jars for mixing
-2 0.7oz jars for mixing
-2 1/32 tsp scoops

Instructions for use:
Customize any dip powder! Add glow powder additive to your dip powder a little at a time (a little goes a long way) until the desired glow is achieved. We recommend using a UV lamp or “charging” the powder in the sun then bringing it into a dark space to check the level of glow.